Native Grassland Conservancy

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Regal Fritillary
Regal Fritillary (and Great Spangled Fritillary in background)

Reversing the process of extinction--this is the mission of the Native Grassland Conservancy (NGC). Humans have re-purposed grasslands and open spaces in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed but have failed to understand the detriment that this has brought to the biodiversity of the ecosystem--the diversity which provides services and ensures the ecosystem can self-regulate, both at no cost to human community.
Ecosystem services cannot be replaced by human infrastructure and inadequate attempts to do so are quite costly. Costs are spiraling out of control due to the extent of damage that humans have caused with dramatic alterations to the planet's systems as seen by nearly every quarter of the Earth's surface.

When large areas of grasslands and open spaces are not left in tact, what remains are tiny fragments that lack the diversity and quantities of native plant species to support pollinators and bird species which are now in steep decline. Some grassland bird species have declined by 90% as documented and published by the Audubon Society. The Regal Fritillary (pictured above) has disappeared from 14 Eastern States in the past 20 years. The days are also numbered for the few native plants that remain as these are often overgrown by invasive plants and are too isolated and inbred to reproduce well. These are the conditions that lead to an extinction vortex.

The Good News! The NGC is reversing this process by bringing together members of isolated remnant plant populations within watersheds into larger, healthier communities that recover the genetic diversity for the long term sustainability and adaptability of these sun-loving native ecosystems. This restored diversity has resulted in dramatically greater seed viability over seed collected from isolated populations and enhanced support for local native fauna which depend on those native plant populations for survival.

The NGC also raises conservation awareness through educational programs, teaching the critical need for preserving species, genetic and habitat diversity as vital components of viable ecosystems.

The Native Grassland Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, entirely funded by the support of generous contributions from the public and welcomes your contributions toward our current fundraising campaign. It is as easy as a click! (See the donate button below.)